Its automatic

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I believed EO had mining barges?Still targeted mining though, not arbitrary like in EE.EO barges function just like Mining frigates, simply better.Need to EVE Echoes ISK discuss the effect the automatic ship replacement is having too. It is not all supply side. There is decreasing requirement for replacement ships.What's auto ship replacement? Just trainer Insurance or pve replacement?I assume he was talking about the fact client support will replace a ship once every 7 days if it falls within certain standards throughout the support webpage, I do not know the details I've never used the client service.

Its automatic. Customer care doesnt even look at it. You submit a claim, you receive back one lost ship every week.Any ship. dramiel. phantasm. whatever. It's not necessary to rebuild. Just wait for the timer until its safe to fly it again with your weekly claim available.Was excited for a hot moment but shitty PvP mechanics don't count apparently.Lol I dropped my stabers and did not get it back ? Because they did was at pvp Even taught I lost it cu I can't log in But I moved in.

True, this plays a role too but I wouldn't call it automatic. There are too many people abusing the system however they have been denying more and more individuals lately.BTW great video and also thank you for EVE Mobile ISK Buy the transcript. Upvoted since more content creators need to understand from u.There can also be a crap ton of bugs that result in lost ships. Stuff like not warping out on a partial disconnect. Points not correctly displaying (in order to remain thinking u can sew then locate out two points is actually 4 and u can not warp).