How Often Do You Need to Change Your Car's Automatic Transmission Fluid

Automatic transmission fluid is necessary to keep your vehicle in a good shape. Read to know more about the maintenance of the ATF.

Our vehicle requires many fluids to work properly. If the vehicle parts are not given enough lubrication, then they would wear a lot sooner. The most important fluid in a vehicle is the transmission fluid. 

The Transmission Fluid is used for lubrication, but it also saves the transmission parts from getting damaged. It is important to know the basics of maintaining a vehicle. It can come in handy when your vehicle suddenly starts troubling and you don’t have any repair shop near you.

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Here are some things you should know about transmission fluid

What is the purpose of transmission fluid

The transmission consists of several parts that require fluid to run smoothly. The fluid is necessary for lubricating the parts and minimizing the damage caused by friction. Without enough lubrication, the parts will wear out sooner than they are supposed to. Along with lubrication of the parts, it also has some chemicals that would prevent the parts from corrosion and wear. 

How often should I change the transmission fluid

It is recommended to change the fluid every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. If you have to drive uphill or change a lot of gears, then you should change your fluid more often. The type of driving can affect it’s condition greatly. If you are towing a lot of load or driving to uphill areas, then more lubricant would be consumed and you’ll need to change it sooner. 

What happens if I don’t change it

If you want to prolong the life of your transmission parts, then you should change your transmission fluid regularly. It becomes dirty with time and fails to lubricate the parts that require it. If the clutch or any other part is worn out, then the transmission fluid can provide them enough pressure and prevent your transmission from slipping. The transmission protects the clutch and other transmission parts from wear and corrosion and it also disperses the heat.

Checking the fluid level

Two things can greatly damage the components of the transmission, one is the dirty transmission fluid and if the level of lubricant is low. If there is little lubricant left, then the components won’t get the required amount of lubricant and they will not work smoothly.

Checking the level of fluid by yourself is not that difficult. Have a look at the user’s manual to see if your vehicle has a dipstick. Checking the level with a dipstick is easy, but most of the manufacturers recommend getting it checked by a service center. You can easily search for a car service center near me

The level is usually checked from under the car. You can take your car to a repair garage and ask them to run a car diagnostic test. They will inspect your car thoroughly and let you know if you need to change the fluid or if any other part of the vehicle needs replacing. Regular car services save you a lot of money because small repairs save you from bigger replacements. Any starting issues would get solved in the regular servicing before they cause huge problems for you.