5 reason why your vehicle might fail the MOT test

Passing the MOT is everyone’s concern. So there are some things that you need to consider so your car won’t fail the test. Read to know the factors.

The mot is a test introduced in the UK by the government. It is compulsory to pass the test to prove the roadworthiness of your vehicle. You must already be aware of these things but what most people don’t know are the reasons that lead to the failure of the test. you should keep in mind that the result depends on the condition of your car on that specific day. 


What you need to do is get your car thoroughly inspected and get all the parts repaired or replaced. Going for the test with a faulty vehicle is a mistake no one should make.



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Following things can cause you to fail the test:



Multiple things can be wrong with your tyres. Their tread depth might not be right or they might be worn out. Such things would lead to an instant fail. The tread of the tyres shouldn’t be less than 1.6mm. if you don’t know how to make sure that the tyres are in top-notch condition, you can always consult the professional for advice. 



The suspension system assures a safe and risk-free drive. If you hear any knocking or tapping sounds when you drive, then it means that your suspension system is damaged and needs to be repaired. Don’t take your car for a mot test without fixing this issue as it will be marked failed. To make your vehicle roadworthy and achieve the proper balance, the suspension system should be in a good condition.



Exhaust problems might be one of the reasons why your car fails the MOT. They can be recognized by the noise that a faulty exhaust makes or if the silencer or any mountings are missing. The exhaust problems can also include corrosion or rust. They all indicate that your exhaust needs replacement 



Any issues with the lights are difficult for the driver to identify. You might get to know from someone else that the lights or indicators are not working properly. It is the most common reason for failure as people don’t pay much attention to it. The headlights not working might be a major issue but small things like the lights not adjusted properly can also cause more problems. Your headlights or indicators need to be pointing in the right direction. 



The brakes can be one of the main reasons why your car fails the MOT. If the pads are too worn down and they can cause a security threat then you will not pass. This thing should be understood that problems like this should be inspected and taken care of before the test. You need to get your vehicle inspected and the brake pads replaced before they become a problem for you.


You must check all these parts of your vehicle and make sure that they are in a good condition. If you get all the things repaired, then it is confirmed that your vehicle will pass the test.