I've always been rather poor in the RS

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I've always been rather poor in the RS. But recently with OSRS gold my fishing endeavors as well as my herb runs I've been able to accumulate some good cash. I have been wanting a Torva set for a quite some time now but am beginning to question its value and use. I read a post of an evaluation that somebody conducted and it seemed that Malevolent came out at 3m favorable compared to Torva so far as profit efficiency went. I like melee a great deal and tend to prefer it over mage and ranged.

Now I understand. I still have to get to 90 Defence before I will utilize Malevolent anyway. I guess my issue is this: I am sure this is already answered but, is it likely to be worth it to waste 72m on Torva, or if I wait until 90 defence to only buy Malevolent and get some Drygores? I would use this Malevolent for bossing and likely a pair of Bandos for other melee matters. Unless I have the time to get Superior Tetsu. This is a question for the future because I still need to get my own Herblore, Prayer, and Summoning levels up quite a long way too.

If I need to clean up anything just let me know. It is difficult to determine how much you're really working with herebut I would suggest getting Torva, or saving up for Torva. Additionally, it is nicely rounded and would negate the need for you to use Bandos which really isn't very efficient, even for mid-level slayer activities in my personal opinion.

Total the Torva will probably be lest costly as you will need to buy a completely different pair of Malevolent quite frequently to keep up with how fast it will be degrading. If you plan on strictly bossing, then I would think about a set of Malevolent, but just keep in mind that it is gonna turn to dust so you better be in a position to buy RS gold create over 17m in the amount of time spent bossing with it to make it financially viable.

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