Is not this overpowered?

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Why disease? It's underutilized, a cool idea and I like the sound of RS gold plague weapons. Why did you choose those weapons? Spears, claws and throwing axes and also my favourite firearms, but I do not use them. They're not use a good deal as they are ill effective compared to other weapons such as daggers, halberds and knives. Exactly how many doses will participant disorder take to heal? Just 1 dose to fully heal yourself.

Is not this overpowered? No, it's all random stats apart from the hitpoints. That means you might shed 10 runcrafting, but that won't alter how you fight, against npcs it'd only dimish that there str, assault adn defence. Don't hesitate to post commens and critise my work.

You need to maintain the goblins charging in the gate, should they crack through then the town will fall. Your first aim is to protect the gate while General Bentnoze perpares the defence, it is going to take 10 minutes for the gate to be reinforced. After it has been head for the towers and shoot the goblins using the crossbow.

Initial wave: 10 level 2 goblins will rush up to the gate, the gate has 50 wellbeing and these goblins will constantly hit 0 or 1.

Fouth wave: 10 level 5 goblins and 20 level 2 goblins will attack this time, this will be more challenging but still simple, just be certain they do not get too close to the gate. Sixth tide: 20 level 2 goblins, 15 level 5 goblins and 15 level 10 goblins will form a formation, the poorer at the back and more powerful in the front. This is were many can get stuck, deal with the stronger goblins first and worry about the feeble afterwards. By today the goblins with you would have died. The captins would be the most powerful and can hit around 7 about the gate! Kill them quick.In the beginning he will have no part of it, but if you show him silverlight(or even excalibur), a pickaxe and a redberry pie that he changes his head. He also smiths that a holy-pickaxe and passes it to you. Now speak to any of those mages, and you'll find that they will function as 1 lucky one who obtained their memory back (haxed, I know) and they will give you an enchantment to OSRS buy gold summon the demons (is different for everybody, however is always made of:summonus,arlan,rune,reman.)