Disadvantages Of Self-adhesive Sticker

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Advantages of self-adhesive paper
1.A big advantage of self-adhesive wallpaper is that it does not need to find a professional to apply it, and most people can apply it according to the specifications, so it does not need to brush, and its environmental protection has been greatly improved. Because the commonly used glue contains harmful and polluting substances, we do not need to hire workers, and the price of the wallpaper itself is more expensive than the self-adhesive, which greatly saves a part of the decoration costs.
2. Self-adhesive wallpaper can be directly pasted decoration, easy to use, the surface of the wallpaper can be scrubbed, and there is adhesive on the back (without additional adhesive), just like a sticker.
3. The color of the self-adhesive wallpaper is colorful and diverse, the pattern is rich, safe and environmentally friendly, and the construction is convenient. The wallpaper has certain sound absorption, heat insulation, mildew resistance, and fungus prevention functions.
4. Self-adhesive wallpaper can better anti-aging, insect-proof, non-toxic and non-polluting.
5. The surface of the self-adhesive wallpaper is easy to clean. Thus becoming a trend of home improvement.

Disadvantages of self-adhesive sticker

1. Self-adhesive paper is not suitable for large-scale use at home, because the self-adhesive wallpaper substrate is not good. If the wall is not neat, it will affect the effect. If you do not understand it, it will be troublesome and the effect may not be ideal.

2. Self-adhesive wallpaper is easy to be warped and degummed, and it is not reliable.

Is the self-adhesive wallpaper toxic
Not all self-adhesive wallpaper is non-toxic, because the vinyl chloride (VCM) monomer used in polymerizing PVC is carcinogenic. The surface of the self-adhesive wallpaper is made of polyvinyl chloride resin. There are three types of it. The first is a common type. The common decoration methods are embossing and printing. The second type is a foaming type. The elastic foaming pattern on the surface of this high foaming wallpaper has a certain sound absorption effect. The third type is a functional type, which is water-resistant and suitable for decorating the walls of toilets and bathrooms. So how to judge whether the self-adhesive wallpaper is poisonous? As follows:
First, look at the resin
The material of self-adhesive wallpaper is PVC plastic, which is non-toxic in itself, but the vinyl chloride (VCM) monomer used for polymerizing PVC is carcinogenic. Generally stipulated that the VCM content below 1PPM is a non-toxic sanitary grade resin. So to see whether PVC is toxic, first look at whether the resin is sanitary grade fat.
Second, look at additives
A large number of auxiliaries are used in PVC processing. The auxiliaries are toxic and non-toxic, especially stabilizers. Opaque ones such as lead, cadmium, and barium are toxic, and others are non-toxic.
Self-adhesive wallpaper is free of harmful substances and will not cause harm to human body. Because he uses very environmentally friendly materials, some people have compared the composition of self-adhesive wallpaper and baby's pacifier, and found that wallpaper is more environmentally friendly than baby's pacifier, so good self-adhesive wallpaper is non-toxic. However, everyone must pay attention to the purchase of certified good self-adhesive wallpaper when buying.

Good self-adhesive wallpaper

There are many advantages of self-adhesive wallpaper, you will know whether it is good or not, as follows:
1, affordable:
The price of ordinary wall paint is about 11-20 yuan per square, and self-adhesive wallpaper is only 5.7 yuan per square, no need for construction staff. No need to worry about the high cost of replacement.
2. Novel style:
Variety, rich colors, exquisite patterns, fast change when you want to change the factory, update the schedule, each time the export color is different, the choice is large.
3. Wide application range:
Even flat and dust-free objects can be attached, such as walls, furniture, glass, ceramic tiles and other surfaces.
4. Easy to paste:
The wallpaper is made of PVC. It has waterproof performance and comes with self-adhesive.

to sum up
Self-adhesive wallpaper is the most widely used among all wallpapers. It has many styles, is easy to use, and is very affordable. It is deeply loved by consumers. However, when you buy self-adhesive wallpaper, you must also choose a regular brand to buy, after all, it is the materials used in decoration, environmental protection is the most important. In the end, I have said so much, everyone knows the self-adhesive wallpaper! I hope this article can help you.


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