I would like a recommendation for equipment and stock

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I would like a recommendation for equipment and stock (meals, potions, etc.) for questing generally. Stuff to always stay near. Anyone who goes ahead. Well it's always good to have a good supply of various potions and RuneScape gold other materials like ropes. Possessing a principal set of combat gear of every kind is good as well. Like having dragon hide for supervisors who have strong mage attacks, and mage gear and runes for if you require it through some quests.

It is all really personal taste. I personally utilized to (around your stats) only bring my set of rune, a berzerker helm, along with my whip. I would just use those for almost every pursuit while also having the items required and some meals, incase it comes into demand. Being a real pursuit cape owner at now, I have to say you have chosen well in performing quests. Not merely are the rewards very generous, but it's a good motivation for leveling all of your stats.

I've recently started playing Runescape again after about a couple of years of inactivity. I started up in my old level 3 skiller and I think I'm going to continue with this particular account for a while at least. My question has to do with a few skills that I understand you will find new strategies to educate and ways that I could likely do but I don't have any idea what they are or how to do them lol.

I'm also really into DUI approaches and I'll take the slower path that makes more cash over a faster one that makes less daily. I'm currently mining 9K Coal in the guild to get 70 Mining. So... How could a skiller efficiently train Farming? All I know to do would be to fish in Catherby and farm while I am doing it, however I really don't think I'd become very much xp that.

I would normally probably just do stalls however, the guards could kill me pretty easily. What's a fast way to buy OSRS gold train Runecrafting? I truly don't know what to do here besides Air Runes which will take forever. Again, I can not take much damage since my health is just level 10. Finally, can I do Dungeoneering? Any answer or just simply a link that will help me out is much valued.

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