5 Simple Things That Can Boost Your Engine Power

Want to increase the horsepower of your engine? We have listed a few things that will affect the performance of your car and it will increase your engine power as well.

Everyone wants to have the best thing for themselves. You must have heard people saying that they want a car with greater horsepower. But they don’t know what it means except “the more it is, the faster your car will be”.


What is horsepower
Horsepower is the power an engine produces. It can be calculated by how much power is required to move 550 pounds over a one-foot distance in one second.

Here are some things you can do to increase your car’s horsepower

Installing an Efficient Cold Air Intake (CAI)
This is the most commonly used method to increase the horsepower of your car. The cold air is denser which means that there will be more air molecules in the engine to combine with the fuel and increase the engine’s power. Moreover, letting your car breathe efficiently and clean air would also affect the engine’s power greatly.

Cleaning the filters regularly
The filters are like the lungs of your body. As it is difficult for a person to breathe with damaged lungs, the car can also not function properly if the filters are dirty or closed. The filters prevent the dust and dirt from getting into the vehicle. The dirt particles keep getting clogged in the filter and then it requires replacement. The car will run smoothly with clean or new filters. If you don’t know how to clean a filter yourself, you can search for a car garage near me and let them do it for you.

Taking care of the car fluids
The car fluids are an essential part of the vehicle. Every component of your vehicle needs lubricant to run properly. You should keep checking the level of the fluids and refill them if required. You should also lookout for any kind of leakages. The leaking fluid can cause damage to other parts as well. 

One of the fluids used is coolant. It is supplied through the housing to the radiator. If your car starts to overheat, then you should consider thermostat housing replacement because faulty housing is one of the main reasons for overheating. A good level of fluid will help in increasing the engine power of your vehicle.

Using synthetic lubricants
Good quality synthetic lubricants reduce friction which automatically increases the performance of your vehicle. They are more effective as compared to traditional lubricants. They also protect from the weather and keep the vehicle running despite the weather changes.

Maintain the tires and the braking system
High-quality tires give better handling and they reduce the weight. They help the vehicle to run smoothly and safely.

Maintenance of the brakes is necessary for a risk-free drive. Without maintenance, the brakes would become difficult to press hence affecting the performance of the vehicles. There are so many different types of parts in the braking system like the different types of calipers or rotors etc. you should take guidance from a nearby garage that which part with be the best for your vehicle.

Many other things affect the performance of the vehicle. You should consider fuel pump repairs as the fuel pump is responsible for the flow of fuel to the engine.