I will say pretty soon they may go as low as 2K

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Barrows RS gold Gloves (Offers great stats for gloves, but necessitates Recipe for Disaster to be FULLY completed). Abyssal Whip/Dragon Scimitar (Whip for training defence/attack, and scimitar for coaching strength).

Berserker Ring/Warrior Ring (BR for strength incentive, or WR for slash bonus). Your current setup is fine, but I would suggest something which doesn't degrade. Dragon Platelegs with Fighter Torso, for instance. Dragon Platelegs aren't too pricey, and the Fighter Torso only charges a couple hours to obtain. Or Bandos armour if you're a really wealthy player.I can see a major crash of dbones. I will say pretty soon they may go as low as 2K. In the long term, even further than 2k. Prayer is one of these abilities severely dependant on updates when it comes to increasing in price. For instance, Piety is published, prices escalated with 1000 gold increase instantly. Why? There's not a lot of bones in circulation, everyone wants them, provide is drained and prices skyrocket to correct.

Unless there's no upgrades published that makes high prayer a requirement, it is going to diminish steadily. Once you start seeing fresh prayer content that demands a greater prayer level (70-99), then it is going to boost again. Then again, if there aren't any new update, it'll just steadily decline. Maybe not a lot every week, but it'll steadily return a little each month as years go by. It's only a volatile ability, it's somewhat like herblore.

Well, with frost dragon bots having themselves a ball, and blue/green dragons bombarded with robots, I can see the price going down RAPIDLY. You may say prayer is a money sink... directly, yes, it's. So prayer does make you cash indirectly.

Runecrafting: Probably will require the longest period, basically, you'll want to ZMI if you've got access to lunar spellbook. Otherwise use the Abyss. Do penguins and use penguin points on this. In addition, do not forget tears of Guthix because this xp will certainly be fast and useful. An alternative option would be to either use the Abyss which is self explanatory or make ground runes with OSRS Gold For Sale the FoG gloves and Digsite pendants.

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