Everything You Need to Know About the Brake Pads and Their Working

Brake pads are an essential part of the vehicle. They should be looked after for a smooth and steady drive. Read to learn more about the brake pads.

Brake pads are one of the most important parts of a vehicle. They play an important role in the braking system of your vehicle. It is compulsory to keep them in a good condition. If the maintenance of brake pads is compromised, then it can lead to life threatening accidents. Disc brake pads are used in most of the vehicles nowadays. 

Working of the braking system
The vehicle’s brakes consist of brake pads. The brake pads are fitted in the calliper sitting between the middle gap of the brake disc either on the front two wheels or mainly all four wheels. They firmly press the discs and slows your car down by using friction and pressure.
Why the brakes are replaced regularly
The lifespan of brake pads depends on the driver’s way of driving and the quality of the pads as cheap car brake pads wear out faster. On motorways, less braking is required compared to urban areas as you have to stop for traffic, roundabouts, junctions, crossings, traffic lights, etc. Probably the most used system in a car is the braking system hence the brake parts are often replaced, like the brake pipe replacement, fluid replacement, etc.

Things that indicate you have faulty brake pads
You can often tell when your car requires new brake pads, here are some key points to look and listen out for:
A squealing or scraping noise often means that something needs to be replaced. The squealing can be caused by worn out surfaces pushing or rubbing against the discs. Note that any sound made by the brakes indicates that a brake pad replacement is necessary.

If your car does not stop correctly when you apply pressure on the brake pedal, then you need to contact a professional immediately. If it feels like the car is jumpy or vibrating whilst you are applying the brake pedal, then it could mean that the brake discs are warped due to heat buildup. The brake discs assist the car to brake correctly and smoothly. Check the pads regularly to make sure that they are not worn out. If it is worn out, it can lead to a weaker system and cause the brakes to fail.

If your car pulls to one side when you apply the brakes it could mean that one side has more worn than the other. The car will pull to one side without the movement of the steering wheel. This is risky as your car should not be making turns unless you are the one enforcing it.

The brake system is critical for your safety. You should always get your brakes checked whenever you take your car for a service. Any damage has to be fixed immediately, so any kind of life-threatening accident can be avoided.
If you want to prolong the life of your brake pads, you should get them serviced regularly. Brake repair and maintenance will stop the pads from wearing out before they are supposed to.

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