What Are The Factors Affecting The Quality Of Flower Pot Mould

Cooling channels Anyone with experience in molds knows the importance of cooling to Flower Pot Mould.

Cooling channels Anyone with experience in molds knows the importance of cooling to Flower Pot Mould. Due to the increase in prices and labor wages, it is unimaginable to reduce the profit of one second injection cycle in mass production of products. However, when the production cycle is accelerated, the temperature of the mold will rise. If the mold cannot be controlled effectively, the mold will become too hot to form, and even deformed molds will be scrapped. Therefore, excellent waterway design is especially important, including the layout density, diameter, connection between the waterways, and so on.

Mold maintenance is mainly maintenance during the production process. The mold is like a car. If it is not used for a long time without maintenance, it may cause the mold to be scrapped. Therefore, every time the mold is used, it must be fully maintained, especially the rust prevention of the plastic mold parts and the rust prevention of the main moving parts. Since the mold must be watered during the production process, it may fall into the mold during installation or disassembly, so please make sure that the mold is dry before applying an oil-repellent layer.

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